We accept:

If you're looking for financing, we've got two options:

PayPal Credit

Apply for PayPal Credit during the payment step of checkout - and you can even setup a "Billing Agreement" to use that credit line on future orders.

Behalf is different from other small business captial companies.  

Instead of CoilExpress offering you "Net 30" terms, Behalf pays us today, charges us a discount fee similar to what we'd pay to process a credit card, and then Behalf collects from you when the "term" is due.  

With Behalf, we're able to offer our customers 45-day terms; you buy today, CoilExpress gets paid by Behalf today, and then Behalf collects from you in 45 days.

Again, we pay a fee for this - but we know we're going to get paid and it doesn't cost anymore than running a credit card. 

Click to apply for a Behalf account.  Once you're setup, you can use it as a payment method when placing an online order.

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