All Sorts of Battery Fires on Airplanes - Not Just eCigs

So, in even more bad press for our industry, complaints about eCig devices catching fires on planes are making the rounds these past few days.
10 months ago

FDA CDC Hearing - Good News

So, both FDA / CDC appeared by before congress yesterday.  Not sure how much press this got.  The FDA director and his counterpart from the Centers for Disease Control appeared before the Congressional Subcommittee.  Members of the Committee were allowed a 5 minute opening statement, along with 5 minutes from both FDA and CDC, and then it proceeded to Q&A from the Members.  You can read the FDA's opening statement here -

11 months ago

Senator Durbin Letter - Good News

Something that hasn’t made the news much is a letter a group of Senators sent the FDA this past Friday afternoon.  It’s a brief read, but you really do need to view it at this link.  The lead author is Senator Durbin, whom has been a very vocal opponent to Vaping (or at least, vaping “Flavors”).

11 months ago

Capitol Hill Lobbying - What to do Now

I spent the day on Capitol Hill yesterday - the VTA has a bunch of lobbyists and they help schedule and guide meetings with various staffers in the offices of Members of Congress from the attendees' districts.  I was in the group representing Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.  Our group had 10 meetings with staffers from Members of Congress and Senator officers; and I added a 1-on-1 with my Representative.  Overall, VTA probably effected about 130 meetings in a single day.  (As best I can tell, I was the only Texan in attendance for Lobbying (and perhaps at the entire event) is a subject for another email.)

11 months ago

VTA Conference - Day 1

So, I’ve been in Washington at the Vapor Technology Association annual conference.  Lots of good stuff and dialog.  Great timing too!  This email will drop tomorrow - Wednesday - when about 300 Americans (including me) who’s jobs and businesses depend on reasonable regulation will be visiting Congressmen and Senators on Capitol Hill.

11 months ago
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